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In sync with the growth in popularity of the Internet, the education software industry is experiencing continually increasing sales, as well. Education is as important as ever, but parents continue to be overworked with busy schedules that leave little time for helping children with schoolwork and encouraging intellectual growth and development. As more and more studies decry the negative effects television has on both children’s behavior and school performance and knowledge, many people are looking for other, more educational ways to occupy their children and encourage them to spend their free time productively. Education software aims to meet this need by providing educational computer-based products that cater to students’ and children’s interests while also having an educational purpose, either by allowing for practice or by teaching and developing new concepts.

Variety of Education Software

Education software can take many different forms and is appropriate for all ages. Even the youngest children can now successfully operate computers, and software designers are responding to this trend by creating software that is extremely easy to use, even by children who are only a few years old. Some of the most popular education software is the interactive books. These computerized books are great for encouraging reading and promoting early acquisition of literacy skills because they read the books aloud to the children, highlighting the words as they are read so the children can follow along. The illustrations are animated, vivid and colorful, and many books even allow the children to interact with the pictures to discover hidden surprises.

Other software focuses on teaching reading, like Clifford the Big Red Dog Phonics Software. Most of the education software revolves around movie or book characters or other subjects that children and students really like. Many software programs encourage drill practice to cement important skills under the guise of games, and other programs develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through interactive investigative games and learning adventures. Education software is available for nearly all subjects imaginable: math, science, reading, literature, writing, typing, foreign languages, music, art, critical thinking, problem-solving, history, etc.

For those confused about which programs are the best, there are reviews of education software in educational magazines, computer magazines, and on the web. Some of the popular best-sellers are Dora the Explorer Fairytale Adventure Pack, Instant Immersion Spanish JC, Adventure Workshop 1st-3rd grade, Dora the Explorer Animal Adventure, Finding Nemo Underwater World of Fun, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, and I Spy Fantasy. Before buying any software, it is recommended to consider the child’s or student’s specific interests and needs. Reading reviews of the product can help ensure that the purchase will be beneficial, as well.

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