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Education in the U.K. : Maintenance Allowance

If you live and were born in the U.K., and education maintenance allowance (EMA) may be available to you. The EMA is a weekly grant to help young people excel in education after the age of 16. If you desire an education and appreciate help, applying for an EMA is a wise choice.

This national EMA scheme started in September of 2004, and is now available for 16 and 17 year olds. Young people will be paid £10, £20, or £30 directly, dependent upon their household's income of £30,000 per year. There are also pay bonuses available to the student if good progress is shown in a certain course. The money will be placed into a bank account so deciding on a good bank plan is a great idea.

Education Maintenance Allowance: Applying

Applying for an Education Maintenance Allowance are fairly simple to do. Applications can be completed from May-September either online, school or college, or the EMA helpline. The phone number for the EMA helpline is : 080 810 16 2 19. You will need to have a completed application form, details of your bank account, and a tax credit award notice. Getting an EMA can be very helpful in excelling in the education realm and helping you to succeed in life.

Education is very important and paying for it can sometimes be hard. That is why the U.K. is offering EMA's to underprivelaged students. Make sure that you aren't left behind when it comes to getting the education that you deserve. Apply for an EMA today to help you go further.

To learn more about getting an EMA, look online or call the EMA helpline for information about an education maintenance allowance. Start learning how you can get the proper education today.

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